3 ways to be a calm, happy mama

When I was pregnant, I read “Bringing up Bebe”, an American mom’s observations of the wisdom of French parenting.

Basically, French moms are super in charge and super chill. Their homes are orderly, their kids are obedient and their lives are calm.

I was sold. I checked the box and committed to French parenting, thinking it would be so simple to live out.

Hahaha. Assuming you’ve already had your baby, you can go ahead and laugh with me.

The idea of calm is wonderful, but reality is, sometimes raising kids is stressful.

While stress is sure to pop up, I’ve got three easy-to-implement solutions to help you cope in the moment when it does.

When you carry them out over and over, you’ll find yourself feeling calm and collected and in turn, you’ll be able to create an amazing family culture that’s fun without being out of control.

Hello French family vibes!

1. Accept

Sometimes the most calming thing you can do is accept that things aren’t calm at all. As much as you want to be in charge of how the day goes, none of us has complete control. Accepting your reality rather than fighting it can reduce tension and promote feelings of calm.

What it looks like practically:

Instead of thinking to yourself, “Ugh. All I want is to get ONE thing done without being interrupted!” Try, “Man, the baby is really fussy. I’m disappointed I won’t get to finish my to do list right now, but I think I’ll put it away for a few minutes and focus on calming her down.”

2. Breathe

Deep breathing has a powerful ability to regulate emotions. When you find yourself feeling stressed, take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for one count, then exhale slowly through your mouth. You don’t need to wait until you have time to sit down and meditate to relax yourself with breathing. You can take a few deep, cleansing breaths right in the middle of whatever you’re doing.

What it looks like practically:

Your baby starts screaming in her high chair while he waits for you to put his food on the tray. Instead of letting yourself get swept up with the building tension, stop and take a few breaths. The best part about this one is that you’re modeling what it looks like to stay calm for your baby too!

3. Let it Go

Imagine that you’re releasing your feelings of stress and tension into the air. Maybe they’re floating off or flying away or maybe you imagine yourself throwing them way off into the distance. Whatever works for you, so long it helps you let go of yourself and claim that calm, cool-mom attitude you know is inside you.

What it looks like practically:

Your baby begins to melt down in the check out line at the grocery store. You can feel people’s eyes on you and you start to feel overwhelmed as you try to decide what to do. Clench both fists tightly around the shopping cart handle, then open them up and lay both palms flat, imagining all the overwhelming feelings falling to the floor out of your hands. Now, with a clear head you can decide how to best move forward.

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