Why Latch Dresses are $110

There are lots of factors that result in a $110 price point for Latch dresses and jumpsuits. We’ll break it down for you…

1. Our design requires a bit more fabric than most. The extra fabric used for the under panels is what allows you to nurse so comfortably anywhere you go. (Learn more about how our dresses work here.)

2. We pay our seamstresses extremely well. When you invest in a Latch dress, you also invest in the life of the Honduran woman who made it. (You can learn more about this here.)

3. Our unique design took months to perfect. It’s also time consuming for our seamstresses to assemble. But, the hard work that goes into each of our garments pays off when nursing moms like you feel beautiful in their clothes and enjoy stress-free nursing.

With all that said, our price point probably won’t change a ton. But, here’s the thing: we want to see you thrive as a breastfeeding mom, and we truly believe our clothes will help you do that.

SOOO, we’ve decided to lower our price point for just one day.

This Wednesday, 6/14, all of our dresses and jumpsuits will be $79.99! This event will only last 12 hours, so be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out!

To your freedom and fashion,
E.A. Lepine, Latch Co-founder

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