A New Normal

The other day I was chatting with a friend. We both have one year olds.

She said, “People said it would take a year to get back to myself, but I just didn’t believe them. Now i know it’s true.”

Adjusting to motherhood is delicate work.

On one hand, you’re forever changed. On the other, the old you didn’t just disappear because you had a baby! Some days, the balance between mom and woman is clear. Some days it feels farther away than ever.

“Finding the new normal” is different for everyone. How it looks, how long it takes, how easy (or hard) it comes varies woman to woman.

The heart behind our spring/summer collection is to give you some ground to stand on as you navigate life as mama. Whether its your first or your fourth, Latch bridges the gap between pre and post baby life by allowing you wear clothes you love while you’re breastfeeding.

I’m not saying clothes are everything. But, in a season when your identity feels elusive, pulling a great dress out of your closet can feel like a breath of fresh air.

My daughter is 13 months old. I agree with my friend…It really has taken a year to begin to feel a sense of normalcy again. For me, the transition has been filled with joy but at times it was confusing. I’ve struggled to know how to be a wife, business owner and friend when the role of mom feels all consuming.

It may sound crazy, but Latch has been a source of relief for me in the midst of all this change. I’ve learned as a mom that sometimes sanity comes in the little things…cups of coffee, ten minutes of quiet, a trip to Target by yourself. Even on the days when I fear I’ll never feel normal again, getting dressed has never been easier and I really think that’s something.

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