How to Keep Your Milk Flowing in the Midst of Holiday Hustle

Ever noticed that your milk supply takes a hit when you’ve been particularly busy or stressed? Things like vacations and holidays have the potential to drain our time, energy and unfortunately our milk too!

That’s the bad news. The good news is, a full calendar doesn’t have to mean your milk supply is doomed. Keep reading for three tips to keep your milk flowing this holiday.

1. Keep pumping

When you have a zillion things to do, it’s easy to forget to pump. Especially if you have a good stash of milk frozen away already. But milk production is supply and demand, so continuing to empty your breasts is important.

Lactation consultant, Kelly Bonyata writes about milk production on her blog, “If you consistently decrease nursing or pumping for several days, your overall milk supply will decrease and you can expect to see a decrease in pumped amounts.”

Try a pumping bra so you can get things done while you pump hands free. You can buy one or just google, “DIY pumping bra” and you’ll be on your way to productive pumping in no time!

2. Nurse on demand

We know…you LOVE your schedule. But the excitement of the holidays can be super distracting for little ones, causing them to stop nursing before they’re finished so they can get back to the fun. The supply and demand concept applies here too: The more milk your baby leaves in the breast, the less your body will make.

When you’re traveling or have guests in town, pay extra attention to your baby and offer the breast often, even at night. Night wakings may mean your baby is hungry from distracted nursing during the day. So offer that midnight snack! Come January, it’ll be less stressful to fix a broken sleep schedule than trying to get your milk supply back up.

3. Take Care of You!

Getting enough to eat and drink, resting well and staying calm are all ways to keep your milk supply healthy.

The staying calm part is one of our passions at Latch. You know that feeling when tension leaves your shoulders because something gets checked off your mental list? That’s what we’re going for.

With family in town and lots to be done, you can throw on a Latch dress and nurse and/or pump discreetly and easily. No need to leave the room or use a bulky cover.  Not to mention, you’ll look totally put together with minimal effort.

Want to hear the coolest part? Breastfeeding has been proven to lower stress. So Latch takes the stress out of nursing, which encourages you to nurse more, which lowers your stress, which encourages milk production. It’s a beautiful cycle.

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Do you have any tips or tricks for maintaining milk supply? Leave them in the comments!

This blog is not intended as medical advice. If you have questions or concerns about your milk supply or any other health issues be sure to talk to your doctor.

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